Current Staff

If you wish to contact a member of staff please feel free to contact Holy Family Primary Luddenham by email or phone on 4773 4485 during weekdays between 8:30am and 4:00pm.

Anthony McElhone Principal
Jodie Van As Assistant Principal
Karen Ryan Leader of Learning (Literacy)
Ray McCauley LTST/REC


Marie Edwards Administration
Monica Miller Administration
Despina Azzopardi Administration


Early Stage 1
Annette Stein Early Stage 1 Teacher
Rosa Surace Early Stage 1 Teacher


Stage 1
Shenelle Dyer Stage 1 Teacher
Marina Downey Stage 1 Teacher
Julie McLean Stage 1 Teacher


Stage 2
Donnalee Hughes Stage 2 Teacher
Graham Platt Stage 2 Teacher
Ray McCauley Stage 2 Teacher


Stage 3
Paris Mayer Stage 3 Teacher
Stefanie Steele Stage 3 Teacher
Racquel Van Mullekom Stage 3 Teacher


Learning Support
Wendy Steuart Learning Support
Joanne Beamish Learning Support


Specialist Teachers
Angela Franich Japanese Teacher
Christine Hall PDHPE Teacher


Support Staff
Jarod Wright IT Trainee
Annabelle Howse School Counsellor
Roseanne Liepa Support Staff
Benita Sneesby Librarian
Leanne Green Support Staff
Annette Tillman Support Staff