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  2018 Term 3 Week 8 Newsletter

Principal's Message, Catholic School Identity, Summer Uniform, Drought Fundraiser, Enrolment, School Calendar, Sport Update, Student Banking, Attendance, Opal Cards, Awards.


  2018 Term 3 Week 6 Newsletter

Principal's Message, Summer Uniform, Father's Day Celebrations, Book Week, Captivate, Enrolments, School Calendar, Naplan Online, School Attendance and Teacher Professional Learning

  2018 Term 3 Week 4 Newsletter

Principal's Message, Father's Day Celebrations, Book Week, Communication with Parents, 2018 School Calendar, Naplan Online Readiness, Enrolments 2019, Sports Update, Attendance, Awards.

  2018 Term 3 Week 2 Newsletter

Message from Principal, Mrs Hughes - Long Service Leave, Naplan Online, School Census, Reminders, Sport.

  2018 Term 2 Week 10 Newsletter

Afternoon Dismissal Changes, Staff Development Days, School Calendar, Disabled Parking, Enrolments, School Attendance, Teacher Professional Learning, Awards, Sport.

  2018 Term 2 Week 8 Newsletter

A - E Reporting System, Parent/Teacher Interviews, Staff Development Days, 2018 School Calendar, 2019 Enrolments, School Attendance, Teacher Professional Learning, Awards.

  2018 Term 2 Week 6 Newsletter

Reflection, Principal's Development Framework, Feast of the Sacred Heart, Tell Them From Me Survey, Baby News, Staff Development Days, School Calendar, Enrolments, Attendance, Teacher Professional Learning, Sport.

  2018 Term 2 Week 4 Newsletter

Sacrament of Confirmation, Tell Them From Me Survey, School Photos, Winter Uniform, Staff Development Days, School Calendar, Attendance, Kindergarten 2019, Opal Cards, Awards, Library News.

  2018 Term 2 Week 2 Newsletter

NAPLAN, Mother's Day Breakfast & Prayer, Winter Uniform, Save the Dates, Kindergarten 2019, Attendance, Sport.

  Heading for 2018 Term 1 Week 10 Newsletter

Term 1 highlights, staff development days, Kindy enrolments, attendance, awards, sports update.

  2018 Term 1 Week 8 Newsletter

Lent, Enhancing Catholic School Identity, Grandparent's Day, Staff Leave, Staff Development Days, 2018 School Calendar, Attendance, Professional Learning, Carpark, Awards, Sport.

  2018 Term 1 Week 6 Newsletter

Enhancing Catholic School Identity, Student Safety, Grandparent's Day, Kindergarten 2019, Absences, Bakers Delight Fundraiser.

  2018 Term 1 Week 4 Newsletter

Attendance, Year 6 Leaders, Grandparent's Day, Kindergarten 2019, Urgent School Fee Advice, School Calendar, Teacher Professional Learning, Sport - Age Champions, Zone Swimming, Cricket, Deadlines of Sport Notes, Code of Conduct, Representative Sports, Awards and Book Fair.

  2018 Term 1 Week 4 Newsletter

Attendance, School Leaders, Grandparent's Day, Kindergarten 2019, School Fees, School Calendar, Sport, Awards, Book Fair.

  2018 Term 1 Week 2 Newsletter

Welcome to our Champion Learners, Prayer for the School Year, Baby News, Improvement Agenda, PBS4L, Religious Education News, School Fees and Schedule, Sport, Expectations, PRG, Meet the Teacher Meetings, Seesaw, Anaphylaxis Awareness, Staff Listing, Coles Sports for Schools.

  2017 Term 4 Week 10 Newsletter

End of Year News, 2018 Start Dates, 2018 School Leaders, Staffing News, 2018 Preparations, 2018 Promotions Day, Awards, Christmas Mass Times.

  2017 Term 4 Week 8 Newsletter

Sport Update, Awards.

  2017 Term 4 Week 6 Newsletter

Stage 3 PBL Project on Social Justice and Mission, Classes for 2018, Staffing News, School Attendance, Snake Warning, Year 6 Farewell, Family Holidays/Leave, Sport.

  2017 Term 4 Week 4 Newsletter

Classes for 2018, Staffing News, School Attendance, Teacher Professional Learning, Sport, Canteen, Roadworks.

  2017 Term 4 Week 2 Newsletter

PBS4L - Expectations, Welcome, Attendance, Kindergarten Transition, School Contact Details, Teacher Professional Learning, Principal's Medallions, Awards, Sport, 2018 Team Sport Trials, Book Club, ICAS Awards, School Fees, Coffee with a Cop, Penrith Community Kitchen.

  2017 Term 3 Week 10 Newsletter

Parenting Styles, First Holy Communion, Staff Development Day, Supervision Reminder, Teachers as Learners, Attendance, Sport.

  2017 Term 3 Week 8 Newsletter

Child Protection, Father's Day, Book Week, Attendance, Naplan Online, Sport, Awards

  Heading for 2017 Term 3 Week 6 Newsletter

2017 Term 3 Week 6 Newsletter

  2017 Term 3 Week 4 Newsletter

Book Week, Father's Day Celebration, School Attendance, New Phone Number, Naplan Online, Awards, Sport, Message from Bishop Vincent.

  2017 Term 3 Week 2 Newsletter

PBS4L, Father's Day Celebration & Book Week 'Save the Date', 2018 Letter of Offer for Kindergarten, Naplan Online, Woolies Earn & Learn, School Fees, Sport.

  Heading for 2017 Term 3 Week 2 Newsletter

PBS4L, Father's Day Celebration & Book Week 'Save the Date', Letters of Offer for Kindergarten 2018, Naplan Online, Woolies Earn & Learn, School Fees, Sport.

  2017 Term 2 Week 10 Newsletter

Principal's Message, Staff Development Days, Awards & Medallions, Woolies Earn & Learn, Attendance, Car Park, Sport.

  2017 Term 2 Week 8 Newsletter

In this Issue: Confirmation, Half Yearly Reports, Parent/Teacher Interviews, Staff Development Days, Attendance, Awards, Sport.

  Term 2 Week 4

Mrs Steele's time in the US, Facebook, School Carpark, Staff Development Days, Attendance, Mother's Day, Winter Uniform, Disco, Awards, Sports.

  Term 2 Week 2

Holy Week Liturgy, ANZAC Day, NAPLAN, Kindergarten Interviews, Mother's Day Stall and Prayer, Staff Development Days, School Attendance, Teacher Professional Learning, Winter Uniform, Sports News, Kids Free Dental.

  Term 1 Week 10

Helping a Family in Need, Easter School Holidays, Anzac Day, Principal's Medallions, School Attendance, School Calendar, Sport News, Process for Dealing with Complaints, Issues or Concerns, Winter Uniform, Awards, NAPLAN.

  Term 1 Week 8

QCS, School Photos, PBS4L, Staff Development Days for 2017, School Attendance, School Contact Details, Kindergarten Enrolments for 2018, Sporting News, Teachers as Learners.

  Term 1 Week 6

Lent, Bus Strike, School Attendance, Grandparent's Day, Hot Cross Bun Fundraiser, Positive Behaviour Support for Learning, Baby News, Pancake Day, NRMA Science & Road Safety, Awards.

  Term 1 Week 4

Car Parking, School Fees,attendance

  Term 1 Week 2

Improvement Agenda, School Calendar, New School Contact Details, Uniform, Meet the Teacher Meetings, Seesaw, Anaphylaxis Awareness, Enrolments for 2018, 2017 Staff Listing, General Information and Reminders, Sports Days, Canteen.

  Term 4 Week 10

2017 School Leaders, 2017 Staffing, HFS Calendar, Thanksgiving Mass/Morning Tea, Executive Director's Summer Reading Challenge.

  Term 4 Week 8

Advent, Staffing News, PRG Meeting, End of Year Reports, Promotions Day 2017, Christmas Concert, Thanksgiving Mass, Teachers as Learners, Awards, White Ribbon Concert.

  Term 4 Week 6

School Structure for 2017, Staffing, Kindergarten Transition, End of Year Opportunities, Reports, MAI's, Classes for 2017, Uniform, Student Banking News, PRG Minutes, Sport Trials.

  Term 4 Week 4

School Structure for 2017, Classes for 2017, Staffing News, PRG Meeting, Sport Update, Kindergarten Orientation, Awards.

  Term 4 Week 2

Proposed Restructure, Kinder Orientation, Sport News

  Term 3 Week 10

Flexible Learning Spaces, Important Bus Information, Sport, Music Bus, Uniform, Sacramental Program, Craft & Cooking Day

  Term 3 Week 8

Father's Day, 2017 School Structure, Summer Uniform, Voice of Youth, Captivate.

  Term 3 Week 6

Father's Day, Zone Athletics, Naplan, Summer Uniform, Disco, Opal Card, Book Club.

  Term 3 Week 4

Welcome Back Mrs Mayer, Staff Development Day, Zone Athletics, Father's Day, Student Banking, Awards.

  Term 3 Week 2

Staff Development Day, Sport, Father's Day, Children's Liturgy, Austral City Bears, Stage 3 Camp, Soccer Goals.

  Term 2 Week 10

First Holy Communion, School Zones, Visit to Parliament House, Awards

  Term 2 Week 8

Confirmation, Reports, Parent/Teacher Interviews, Awards & Congratulations.

  Term 2 Week 6

Student Leaders Civic Reception, Federal Election, Sacramental Process

  Term 2 Week 4

Pentecost, Parenting Tips, Staff Development Days, Child Protection, Calendar, Mufti Day, School Fees, PRG Minutes, Awards.

  Term 2 Week 2

Anzac Day, Sport News, 2017 Enrolments, PRG Meeting, Winter Uniform Details, Premier's Reading Challenge, Naplan, Whooping Cough.

  Term 1 Week 10

Anzac Day March, 2017 Enrolments, Caritas Update, Winter Uniform Details, Sport News.

  Term 1 Week 8

Quality Catholic Schooling, Communication, Catholic Schools Week, Staff Development Days, Cross Country Update, Sensei's Corner, Naplan, Awards.

  Term 1 Week 6

Caritas, Enrolments 2017, Seesaw, Catholic Schools Week, Naplan, PRG Minutes

  Term 1 Week 2

List of Staff for 2016, Sports Days, Opal Cards, Canteen List, Calendar at a Glance, General Information & Reminders, Uniform.

  Term 1 Week 4

Grandparents Day, General Information, Sports Updates, Awards


At this time of year we call on the abundant generosity of our community to support St Vincent de Paul and their work at Christmas. In the next week each child will bring home a suggestion for an item to contribute to class hampers.


Everybody knows a quiet saint who will never be canonised but who has shown us something of how to live as a follower of Christ. These are the people whose faith leads them to be generous, kind, patient and full of hope.


In the early part of this term there has been an increased number of students arriving late to school and leaving early. It is important that all students are at school on time and prepared for learning.


Miracles Do Happen - Congratulations to those who were involved in the development and organisation of this event. It was a great night of community connection, and in some cases reconnection, for a great cause.


Reconciliation is at the heart of our Faith. Let us pray that we can be people and a community that models forgiveness to each other and especially our children.


Over the past few weeks significant projects have been announced that involve our local community and surrounds. If you have any questions regarding these project please do not hesitate to contact me to discuss.


Social Justice work is an important and strong foundational mission of our Church and is expressed in a number of different ways. The social mission of the Church is found in Catholic Social Teaching principles.


Two weeks ago we had the chance to celebrate our story and journey at our 25th Anniversary Mass and the activity afternoon following the mass. We enjoyed a wonderful day of celebration as a school community.


Recently I have had the pleasure of interviewing families seeking enrolment for their children in 2016. In the interviews I have had the chance to learn about the children, family stories and the hopes and dreams parents have for their children.


We start each day with a morning assembly to ensure that all students are greeted and that any important information is shared. It is important that all children are on the assembly with their class and not waiting at the classroom door.


Welcome To Term 2


Welcome back to Term 2. We trust that all have enjoyed a greta rest and are ready to begin another great term of Fun, Faith and Learning at Holy Family School.


Once again we had a magnificent day and great roll up of parents and grandparents last Friday. More than 650 guests participated in a celebration of the Eucharist, a brunch provided by our parents and our concert.


Welcome to the new school year! We have had a few days of school already and it has been a great start to the first term. It is great to see students of all ages come into school for the new year.


This weekend as a Catholic Community we celebrate All Saints Day and All Souls Day. On reflection leading up to these events in the Church calendar it is important to remember the roles saints play in our lives as Christians.


Dear Parents and Caregivers, A warm welcome back to the new school term and I trust that all our families enjoyed a rest- filled break. Term 4 is a very important term to continue to build on the great work that has been completed to this point.


As this is the final edition of Branches for Term 3 I would like to take the opportunity to thank all families for their ongoing support of Holy Family school. I wish you all a wonderfully relaxing time with family and friends.


It takes a village to raise a child and a community, we are blessed with such dedicated and committed people who provide an example of faith in the service of others to the children.


Mary MacKillop was devoted to the service of the poor. Her love for poor children knew no bounds. She established a Catholic school system for children who were isolated, marginalised and in poor circumstances.


The decision of the Federal Government to cut funding to schools in last week’s budget has caused a significant conversation, The budget cuts will significantly reduce school funding in real terms and create greater uncertainty for schools.


In the past few weeks two significant events have occurred and another is just around the corner. These events are of course the Easter Resurrection of Jesus, the celebration of ANZAC Day and the upcoming celebrations for Mothers Day.


Welcome back to Term 2. I trust that all have enjoyed a great rest and are ready to begin another great term of learning at HFS.