Current Staff

If you wish to contact a member of staff please feel free to contact Holy Family Primary Luddenham by email or phone on 4773 7100 during weekdays between 8:30am and 4:00pm.

Anthony McElhone Principal
Jodie Van As Assistant Principal/Leader of Learing (Numeracy)
Karen Ryan Leader of Learning (Literacy)/Instructional Coach
Ray McCauley REC


Rasha Azar Finance
Marie Edwards Administration
Despina Azzopardi Administration


Early Stage 1
Julie McLean Early Stage 1 Teacher
Annette Stein Early Stage 1 Teacher


Stage 1
Sarah Archer Stage 1 Teacher
Sarah Brennan
Stage 1 Teacher
Rosa Surace Stage 1 Teacher


Stage 2
Jessica Fowler Stage 2 Teacher
Stefanie Steele/Chloe McLaughlan Stage 2 Teacher
Melissa Whitton
Stage 2 Teacher


Stage 3
Donnalee Hughes Stage 3 Teacher
Yvonne Terweeme Stage 3 Teacher
Graham Platt Stage 3 Teacher


Diversity Support
Wendy Steuart Jodie Van As
Tracy Heidtmann Ray McCauley


Specialist Teachers
Angela Franich Japanese Teacher
Christine Hall PDHPE Teacher
David Bullock Digital Technologies/LTST


Support Staff
  IT Trainee
Alison Docanto School Counsellor
Roseanne Liepa Librarian
Rhonda Medlen Support Staff
Leanne Green Support Staff
Annette Tillman Support Staff
Amanda Dewhurst Support Staff
Richard Ackroyd-Broadbere Grounds